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Created for Property Owners - to maximize your investment - even if you do not plan to sell.  Tips on the Buying and Selling process. Learn about homeownership.  Senior Transition topics for downsizing and financial support.

Guests offer sound advice and experience.

Episodes are designed to be informative, entertaining and presented in a way to listen in short, easy to understand topics.

"I take furthering education seriously, and enroll in on-going courses to serve you better.  I wish you the best financial success on your investment!"

Your Host, Judy Casad Real Estate

Top Producer with Windermere Real Estate | Lane County | Oregon State


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Nov 28, 2019

We become comfortable in our own environment and don’t always know when the air quality deteriorates. This episode addresses common household odors and how to eliminate them permanently with clear, non-toxic products.

  • Pet odor
  • Materials that β€˜sponge-in’ musty odors

Clean, non-toxic air quality

Our guest Scott...

Nov 14, 2019

As we go thru the aging process we tend to lose some of our abilities to hear, smell, or even see as easily as did when we were younger. In this episode, we address the sources and offer you a remedy to transform your home into an Inviting - first impression - by eliminating undesirable odors. Pet odors, spot...